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Salutations | I enjoy food, drawing, writing, watching anime, TV, comic books, video games and sleeping | Huge fan of Person of Interest, Sherlock, and Doctor Who | ISFJ


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Popular Anime/Manga Explained Quickly and Explicitly

  • Dragon Ball Z:Fucking Aliens!
  • Madoka Magica:Fucking Witches!
  • Tokyo Ghoul:Fucking CCG!
  • Ouran High School Host Club:Fucking Rich People
  • Yu-Gi-Oh:Fucking Trading Cards!
  • Pandora Hearts:Fucking Baskervilles!
  • Hellsing:Fucking Nazis!
  • Fairy Tail:Fucking Dark Guilds!
  • Sword Art Online:Fucking Video Games!
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:Fucking Law of Equivalent Exchange!
  • Soul Eater:Fucking Kishin!
  • Naruto:Fucking Sasuke!

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